Sepsis diagnosis
Presepsin reflects the development from SIRS to severe sepsis



  • International Sepsis Forum 2010
  • Evaluation of responses to IVIG therapy in patients with severe Sepsis and septic shock by soluble CD14 subtype monitoring.
    Medical Postgraduates
  • Assessment of the usefulness of the soluble CD14 subtype and the point of care test in septic patients
    Medical Postgraduates
  • Serum levels of soluble CD14 subtype reflect the APACHE II and SOFA scores
    Medical Postgraduates
  • Severity assessment of sepsis by determination of the soluble CD14 subtype using the POC test
    Medical Postgraduates
  • Evaluations of PRESEPSIN by a Point-of-Care Test (POC Test) Closely Reflect the Efficacy of Polymyxin-B Immobilized Fiber-Direct Hemoperfusion (PMX-DHP): A Case Report
    J Iwate Med Assoc


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